Print Sales

How to Sell More Prints with The Beginner Photography Podcast


aymond Hatfield, Host of The Beginner Photography Podcast, is a wedding and portrait photographer that started interviewing photographers on this podcast to hear how they got started, how they see the world, and hear those photographers share what they wish they knew when they started out.

When Raymond started as a photographer himself, selling prints was so cumbersome that he would tell clients to print elsewhere. Talk about lost potential income! Ouch. Today, he has a workflow that helps him sell prints easier than ever and wants to share.

In his video, he goes over how to set up a print store, how to price your prints and the best tips to making sales!

As a wedding and portrait photographer, you are responsible for capturing and preserving the memories of your clients. While clients may say they want digitals, it is often true that they value prints more than digitals. Selling prints is a great way to make more money as a photographer and serve your clients better.