Print Sales

✨NEW✨ More WHCC Products Added to the Store!


ne of the biggest ways you can bring in more revenue for your business is through selling prints and products through the online galleries you provide your clients!

Prints can make a huge difference in the lives of professional photographers. Giving your clients the opportunity to experience you art in big, beautiful ways can be lifechanging! Print sales are a huge way to increase the amount of money that you’re making in your photographer business. Believe it or not, there are still clients out there who prefer printed images over digitals!

We here at CloudSpot believe in the power of a photograph. By allowing your clients to purchase new products through our store, we think that you’ll be able to create new value for your clients each time they order from you! It’s time to turn your print sales into a focal point for your business.

Especially if these sales are automatically fulfilled, you can literally earn money while you sleep and still rest assured knowing the quality of prints and products are 100% professional.

In your CloudSpot galleries, we’re excited to announce you can now sell more products through our Auto Fulfillment lab partner, White House Custom Colour!

In addition to the current Lustre paper, we've added the very popular Deep Matte paper along with the beautiful Glossy and bold Metallic paper type options.

( Lustre, Deep Matte, Glossy, and Metallic )

We've also added...

Along with the new paper types that we’ve added, your clients can now order mounted prints as well as metal prints! With the introduction of these new options, we hope that you’ll be able to offer some diverse products to your clients.

Printed images deserve a special touch. These products deserve to be on the walls of clients who love and cherish your work as much as you do! You create beautiful photos that clients seek out from all over, so why shouldn’t your prints reflect the same uniqueness?

We seriously can't wait for your clients to enjoy these products, as they are simply gorgeous! 😍

To add these new products to your CloudSpot galleries, visit your Store and select the Catalogs section. Choose a Catalog, and then click "Add Product" to make these products available in your gallery right away!