Same-Day Gallery for Senior Photographers


y name is Kelsey Marie and I am a senior photographer in Richmond, VA. Most days you can find me at the gym, at a coffee shop, or photographing my seniors! I have been capturing senior portraits for over 6 years, and they truly have become my heart and soul. I also have a YouTube channel with helpful tips and tricks for senior photogs and share some fun life things as well (aka like getting engaged and a puppy all on the same day!)

I switched to CloudSpot for my photography business and it is such a good client gallery delivery system. It's beautiful and user-friendly for me and my clients. Today, I'm going through my senior photography same-day gallery workflow and some of my favorite CloudSpot features!

Post-Session Sneak Peek Gallery

I love sending my clients a sneak peek CloudSpot gallery of 10-12 images, whether it's the same day as the session or the next morning. This is when my clients are the most excited and want to share photos right away, so it's important to me to get their photos to them as soon as possible.

At the same time as you are sending the sneak peek gallery to your clients, you can share your behind-the-scenes session images and videos on your own social media accounts.

Once I am done culling and editing the rest of my session, I will send the client a final gallery with all of their images.

CloudSpot is my favorite client gallery system ever! If you haven't used CloudSpot yet, now is your time. This is the platform my clients are seeing, so it's important to me that it looks good. The gallery client experience is customizable, clean, and simple for my clients.

My Favorite CloudSpot Features

1. Free Image Migration

If you are thinking about trying CloudSpot, but don't want to think about moving your images from another gallery service, think no further! The free image migration feature will take all of your images from your old gallery system and bring them over to CloudSpot for you! Without this feature, it would have been much harder for me to switch over. Depending on the gallery you are coming from, CloudSpot will be able to move over your past year's worth, the latest 75 galleries, or multiple years. Just ask their customer support team for details! 10/10 amazing!

2. High-Speed Uploads

My old system was so slow! It would take hours to upload a full session. With CloudSpot, I can drag and drop a bunch of folders at once and have them all upload and automatically add the folders for me! While your images are uploading, you can hide the upload window and continue working.

3. Customizable Gallery Layouts

On the backend of your Collections, you can sort your images in a custom layout. I personally like to mix up my images to give them more of an editorial feel. When your clients see their gallery, they will be able to favorite or download photos, shop for prints and products, or share images with their families.

4. Call-to-Action Button

This feature has how I ask for client feedback. I used to have to wait for a day or two after the gallery was sent and follow up with an email asking for a review. It was disruptive to my workflow and an extra task that I no longer have to remember to do! With the Call-to-Action button turned on, I am able to ask for reviews at the bottom of every gallery. Once the client is completely done looking through images, there will be a prompt to leave me a Google review. Since implementing this into my galleries, almost every client has filled out a review. My business is mainly word-of-mouth so this is a huge selling point for me.

Here is an example Call-to-Action Button on my Galleries:

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If you need more help setting up your first Collection and Gallery, I walk through this in my YouTube video above. If you liked this blog and want to learn more about photography tips and tricks, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

The KMP Shop for Senior Photographers

Last, but not least, I am super pumped to be launching my newest project, the KMP Shop for senior photographers! It is full of resources to help you save time, look extra professional, and provide an amazing experience for your senior clients!

The KMP Shop is a one-stop shop for senior photographers. Whether you are just starting out, or running the biz full time, there is something here for you. Resources include my 40+ page Senior Session Guide Template, the Senior Investment Guide Template I send to all inquiring seniors to make a great first impression, Senior Workflow Emails to save you extra time, and MORE! All guides are created on Canva for easy access and customization. Even the copy, colors, layouts, fonts, etc. are yours to use if you want. Visit my website to learn more!