5 Reasons Why I Switched to CloudSpot from Pixieset


i, I'm Danielle Ambry. I am a luxury wedding photographer and photographer business coach. If you are looking for a photo delivery system, I got you.

There are five main reasons why I switched to CloudSpot and love this photo gallery delivery system to send my photos to clients. It's seamless. It's perfect. I switched from Pixieset to CloudSpot and I am never going back!

Notification Center

This is a fantastic feature. It acts just like Facebook where you can click on your notifications, you can see who opens the gallery, can see brides sending it to their moms, the groom's favoriting photos, compile an email list, etc. It's really cool to see how your clients are interacting with the photos you delivered to them. Next-level analytics on the backend for photographers.

Call-to-Action Button

I have not seen any other photo gallery delivery system do something like this. This is a great tool to ask for reviews, send clients to your shop, or to your website to referer/book again. I personally use this to ask for reviews. Reviews can be awkward to ask for after you deliver a gallery. This can be seamlessly integrated at the bottom of the gallery.


It's easy for my clients and it's easy for me. Clients can "heart" their favorite images, have fast download times, and so simple for me to design albums for clients from those favorite images. Gotta love it.

Background Uploads

This is huge. You can still work in the background while your images are uploading! Time is money y'all! Most gallery platforms do not do this!

Beautiful Designed Galleries

Last, but not least, the galleries are beautifully designed, completely customizable to your brand, and professional looking. At the end of the day, you won't have the same cookie-cutter gallery that everybody else does!

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