Best Photo Gallery Features for an Intentional Client Experience


i, my name is Chip Dizárd! I’m a CloudSpot Ambassador, photographer, speaker, and photography educator. I consider myself to be an amateur comedian, love to play golf, and specialize in weddings, portraits, branding, families, and event photography. I call the Washington, DC area home and, as a former photography and videography teacher, I enjoy empowering photographers by sharing what I know as a photography educator. 

Today, I wanted to share a little bit about my favorite CloudSpot features plus how they have changed my gallery delivery workflow for the better. Before we start reviewing some of my favorite features, let’s connect! You can find me online on my wedding website, my photography speaker and educator website, and on Instagram

Clients Love Mobile Apps

With CloudSpot, you can create your clients their very own Gallery Mobile App from the same collection of images you uploaded to create their online gallery. My clients love being able to access their images on the go and are SO much more likely to share their images on social media because it is fast and easy to do so right from their mobile devices. You also have control to only allow social media download sizes from Mobile Apps, ensuring the quick share to social media channels.

Call-to-Action Buttons are a Game Changer

At the bottom of each gallery, you can add a Call-to-Action Button with a custom URL and text. I love using this section to direct my clients to my reviews page. Getting reviews for your photography business is key for future bookings.

Gallery Videos For Seamless Client Experience

In CloudSpot galleries, you have the option to link and embed a video in your Client Galleries. This will be displayed as the first thing clients see when they log into their gallery. I have created a number of curated videos, depending on the type of gallery I will be delivering, and keep them as unlisted videos on YouTube. Once I’m ready to deliver a clients’ gallery, I use this CloudSpot video section to tell my clients exactly what to do which has substantially decreased the number of questions I receive from clients. 

Bonus tip: I like to use a thumbnail that says “Watch Me First” to ensure clients watch the instructional video before scrolling through their gallery. 

Notification Center Analytics for Your Galleries

While watching my clients enjoy their galleries in real time is the BEST, I really like using CloudSpot’s Notification Center to track when my clients have selected their final images for me to edit. With CloudSpot’s Notification Center, I receive a small notification at the top of my CloudSpot dashboard each time a client takes action in their gallery. From downloading images to ordering prints, and especially selecting favorite images, notifications have streamlined my workflow tremendously. I often have clients select a pre-designated number of favorite images for a final edit, and with the Notification Center, I’m able to see when these images are selected in real time. This saves me tons of time and allows me to get my client images to them so much sooner— a win on both sides! 

Customizable Galleries for Vendors

As a wedding photographer, relationships and referrals from fellow vendors are huge. I love that CloudSpot allows me to create custom galleries for the wedding vendors that I work with from the same collection of images I send to my clients. Being able to easily customize image access and download settings has made it so much easier to send galleries to fellow vendors, keeping me top of mind when it comes to client referrals and images to share on social media. 


I hope you found this helpful! Ready to join me on CloudSpot?! Grab 20% off your first 12 months by clicking here!